Eliot Fisk smiling with guitar

"Technique is the motion between two points."

Eliot Fisk playing on green grass
Eliot Fisk smiling
Eliot Fisk playing the guitar

"Music is our common language, a metaphor for all that is noble in the human race."

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"I consider Eliot Fisk as one of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted young musicians of our times..."

— Andres Segovia

Eliot Fisk with Andres Segovia

Guitarist Eliot Fisk is known worldwide as a charismatic performer famed for his adventurous and virtuosic repertoire. He is also celebrated for his willingness to take art music into unusual venues (schools, senior centers, and even logging camps and prisons!). After nearly 50 years before the public he remains as his mentor Andres Segovia once wrote, "at the top line of our artistic world." Read more